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바카라사이트인포는 2021 BEST 바카라사이트만 모아 두었습니다. 바카라,블랙잭,룰렛,포커,섯다,바둑이,식보,슬롯머신,텍사스홀덤,빅휠,미니게임,다리다리,달팽이,토토사이트,사다리사이트 등 각종 라이브게임을 즐기실수있는 온라인바카라사이트입니다.
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for
Looking for a FULL STACK professional developer mainly for front work. System development in our CALL CANTER, go over the projects and system updates on an ongoing basis. Work mainly on our CRM systems for VOIP systems Looking for: Background and understanding of basic VOIP, Asterix, etc. systems. Many years of experience in PHP LARAVEL systems Multi-hand user experience and frontl development. Extensive knowledge with SQL * A man with good interpersonal skills, who likes to work together and find solutions We have a variety of interesting projects, looking for only a serious person, with high availability and a desire to take joint projects or peak price / or hourly.
Design & Graphics
Graphic Designer
The GD initial tasks are designing a branding landing page and icon sets for a professional mental-health site.
Design & Graphics
Graphic and Video Designer
Design and production of clips for marketing materials, promotional videos, product and technology videos, visual training materials, photography and video editing production + post-production Requirements: At least two years of experience in a design studio or a global high-tech company Proficiency in video creation tools (Adobe Premiere, After effects, Photoshop, 3D Skill) Effect and animation skills required for motion graphic production Competency in promotion design, layout, typo design, etc. for cut-scene Ability to communicate in English (fluent level) Portfolio for presentation - required Experience in video photography - an advantage
Need a freelancer for django
This is a django project.
Software & Programming
Need a developer ⭐ for building a location website for an awesome Startup Company.
Need a developer ⭐ for building a location website for an awesome Startup Company. The website will offer users a curated list of locations around the world on a map. Each location will present an image gallery with links to social and other websites. The lists will be managed by a backend dashboard, enabling our editors to add and edit lists. We will provide the full description and mockups. We need a full-stack developer or team who has experience in developing websites and application with data management. We prefer someone who has knowledge with database, google maps, nodejs, firebase. Thanks
Software & Programming
Full Stack Developer
Razor Labs uses Deep Learning to transform the Industry 4.0 sector. We use proprietary AutoML and Deep Reinforcement Learning to optimize complex processes in the Manufacturing, Energy, and Natural Resources sectors. We disrupt the top Fortune 500 companies, and just IPO'd for $150M. Join a team that is like a family! We’re seeking a Full Stack Developer to: - Be part of planning, designing & developing a new Cloud based insights platform. - Work with the latest technologies such as Angular, NodeJS, Python, Kafka and more. - Create a new industry altering product from its inception to production level. Requirements: -4+ years as a full-stack developer or several frontend and backend positions -Experience in one or more server side and client side technologies & frameworks such as NodeJS, Angular, or React Experience with distributed systems Product oriented and problem solving personality Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, KV stores (Redis, DynamoDB), AWS/GCP is a plus
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