Record-breaking broadcast revenue: The Cubs are making a killing

On 17 Dec., 2021

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Record-breaking broadcast revenue: The Cubs are making a killing

The Cubs have a long history of being a team with a struggling economy. In the past, they have not been able to afford big-name players or even keep up with other teams in the league. Despite this, for this season they have broken all records and are earning more from local broadcasts than any other professional sports team in the country. The Cubs are over 3.5 million in earnings from the local broadcasts so far.


The Cubs are an amazing team and they've been on TV a lot this year. They're currently bWhy is Anthony Rizzo merchandise so popular?
esting the previous record by over 3.5 million, which is no small feat! This is a great example of how a broadcast company can see a return on its investment.


How much revenue do the Cubs earn from broadcasting each game?


The Cubs earn $200,000 for each broadcast of a game and they get an additional $5.00 per subscriber. That means the Cubs get $150 million for broadcasting their games and an additional $7.5 million from subscribers.


How much will local broadcasting revenue contribute to the team's average annual revenue?


The Cubs are making a killing in broadcasting revenue. The team will generate about $216 million in TV deals alone this year, according to Forbes, making it the most lucrative broadcast deal any Major League Baseball team has ever signed.


What are some other sources of income for Chicago-based MLB teams?


There are several sources of income for MLB teams in Chicago. For example, this season hosting Milwaukee from July 25-27 brings in $975,000. The Cubs will also gain from broadcasting revenue. This year, the Cubs' broadcast revenue will exceed $200 million. In the coming years, that figure is expected to grow exponentially as it becomes more popular on US TV screens. Also, the merchandise is sold too, for eg, Anthony Rizzo Shirts. 


The Cubs are the most popular team in baseball, which explains their outstanding popularity. The Cubs are also the only team in the MLB that broadcasts on two networks. The combination of these factors has led to record-breaking broadcast revenue for the organization.Why is Anthony Rizzo merchandise so popular?