PMO as a Purchasing Management Office

On 26 Jun., 2016

The role that PMO should play

PMO as a Purchasing Management Office

Purchasing project’s components, as one of the major milestone in many projects, becomes out of the project influence only while We analyze the entire organization expenses.

The PMO, among other things during the project life cycle, carries on his shoulder the responsible for the financial reporting & forecast of the individual project affecting the organization expenses. Therefore, he must take the ownership of the purchasing process deeply with the Purchasing Manager point of view, and he should decide how and when the goods should be scheduled and amount would be recorded.

In many projects, which the risks and the expected income based on the milestone are in the stage of not compliance yet, while the goods and resources must be available for the projects, this is the time for the PMO to play as a Purchasing Management Office. The PMO, collaborating the Purchasing Manager, should build an appropriate plan for fluent purchasing which should strictly linked to other projects in parallel to achieving the individual project, utilize resources and on line trigger the Purchasing Manager with inputs he “lived”.

Based on the PMO’s abilities to play also as a Purchasing Management Office, the continuous magician touch of the Purchasing Manager from this time, would bring the expected benefits for the organization of project’s profitability, expenses deployment, cash flow savings and more.