? Do You a PMO or PMO²

On 10 Jan., 2017

Innovation during project life cycle

 ? Do You a PMO or PMO²

The evaluation of Our project management world and the PMO in a dynamic and matrix environment, when there is a need to manage complex projects, requires from the PMO to become more and more creative. In large scale and types of projects, the PMO might needs to adapt and change methodologies even during the project life cycle, between the project’s milestones and redefine the correct KPIs measure, reclassification of tasks, budget and resource adaptation as well as it could affect other organization’s aspects. That, transit us from a classic PMO of a Project/Team to elaborated PMO: PMO².

The assumption that a project could be executed in more or less conditions like previous projects as the organization have been delivered, could take us into comfortable thinking that what we did in the previous project in refer to the PMO activities, enough or required few changes, and usually could not cause any major delay in the deliveries.

Like the DevOPS world for example, which become more and more popular, where a DevOPS engineer takes under his responsibilities integrated and combination activities, the PMO might manage and adapt the methodology and bring Innovative-challenging ideas in refer to the project management support of different work packages, and to think out of the box in order to manage and support changeable project and conditions. This is in my opinion the PMO² approach.

As end users, customers, the organization units, technology and reality manage the change nor as the requirements, the project management flexibility and response on real time by the PMO to set and adapt an appropriate method ( e.g. PMBOK, Agile…) to support those changes is the new key for efficiency project management. A PMO in this environment start to act as PMO² –manage the project on the one hand, and manage the appropriate project management methodology - combination of methods in one particular project, on the other hand.

The PMO² , as a gatekeeper and the flag raiser, must identify changes and support with the existed tools he managed the project up Today . The idea from my point of view, is to have the ability to see and understand the strategic and the business with reduce allocation of costs due to project management needs and not assume that tools were not smart enough to forecast the change.

To summarize, PMO² becomes to be the PMO for the project / team and a PMO for the organizations’ project management added value with no extra costs and more business operational.