Between Project Coordination, Operation and Regulation

On 22 May, 2017

PMO as the win card of the project - Joker

Between Project Coordination, Operation and Regulation

Project management common methodologies get magnificent progress over the years, in addition to standardization in refer to technical requirements, execution, implementation and regulations, parallel to the challenge of the technology and competition in the dynamic business environment where project been performed.

From best practices projects, I had the honor to be part in my roles, the project plan and the implementation part milestone I designed include packages required activities from the organization by understanding the project and the business around – in / out the company, and not only tasks that answer the definitions as came up during the High-Level Design, Low-Level Design, mitigate risk plan and “Go” in the ATP / Delivery list. 

This is one of the answers of the PMO added value whom contribute to the project by identify those activities for the rest of the organization, when it came to mitigate Operation, product life cycle requirements or compliant to regulation risks (e.g, SOX, Basel, Solvency …). In my opinion, the PMO should build and maintain the risk plan of the project and include all the company risks ( no relevant where the project own or PMO organization belong – R&D, IT…) - from technological through operational, financial, Strategic, DRP/BCP, IT / IS , Support team, HR, Supply Chain, Marketing, Manufacturing, Service…

More than that, from my experience and projects I was involved, the PMO must and should act more than a classic PMO and Project coordinate to ensure and synchronize that each organization unit aware and work on the relevant part. Also, be a Program manager whom see and understand the entire picture and the influence on each part of the Portfolio, by including tasks which not belong to the organization unit own the project, and design tasks which involve Operational, Business Understanding and Regulation activities during life cycle. To summarize –be the "Joker", the one who can be everwhere.