The Missing Sound

On 7 Feb., 2018

This is to all musicians. Music is not just met to give you money but to heal the hearts of others

The Missing Sound

Music is all about communication.
Communication Involves both speaker and listener... In cases of language barrier an interpreter is needed.
For one to comprehend the messages in communication, one out of the body, soul and spirit should be in agreement to the message.

Music for the spirit(sacred music) has been known from the onset. This is music beyond human reasoning.
Music for the body(danceable music) has also been known for ages and even in our contemporary times, people still place more emphasis here.
Last but not the least is Music for the soul(soulful music). The soul is the link from the physical to the unseen hence this is the type of music that inspires, motivates and energizes both body and spirit.
I remember listening to such music back then and that was all that sent me into this present world.
But sadly, this type of music is given less attention. People no longer do music for others to be built from it but for monetary and commercial purpose.