I’m Sorry, Siri can’t come to the phone right now

On 4 Jun., 2018

Getting our Digital Assistants, our AIs to start answering our phone calls for us.

I’m Sorry, Siri can’t come to the phone right now

The medium of voice for digital communication is growing up fast, and nowhere is this more apparent than with young AIs — or digital assistants.

This post is not going to go into all the history, but I want to touch upon the future of voice messages, and how our current digital agents are taking this further.

We’ve all seen speech to text, so let’s take this up a notch. The obvious extension of this is when Siri starts answering our phone calls for us.

Finally, a secretary for the masses.

It’s much easier to imagine this right now after Google showed off Duplex at I/O 2018 earlier this week. If you haven’t seen it, watch a small excerpt here.

Google Duplex making a haircut appointment for you



The first step could be Siri taking a message, and summarising that up nicely.

Siri to me: “Sarah called and wants to know.. North or South for camping? ..and if the weekend after next was good for you? ...if you would like I can play her message for you”


Basic Scheduling

Siri can do basic scheduling for you.


Advanced Scheduling


Full on Personal Assistant

Siri can know that you’re in the middle of a conversation, and without disturbing you can answer the phone for you.

Siri is not just transcribing speech to text, she can respond and try to take care of as many things as she can.

Siri can now place your order and set it up in your GPS.

Siri to me: “David just called, wanted to know if you could pickup the pizza for the game. I’ve gone ahead and placed an order for 1 pineapple and 3 plain. I’ve added this to your Waze trip on your way home. Is this good for you?”
Me: “Sure, thanks so much”

And just like that, the payment is approved and the order finalised.



Our digital assistants are getting smarter every day. They don’t just answer simple questions any more, they can infer context, and understand subtext. We are going into the era of conversation, not just instruction. With the Duplex demo earlier this week, we can finally start to see how our digital assistants can become our personal assistants.

I would love to hear where you think AI will be taking us 5 years from now.

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