6 Cheap Cities Where It's Great to be a Freelance Writer

On 22 Oct., 2018

The best way to avoid any kind of writer's block, you need a neighborhood that you’ll love and enjoy living in. We strongly believe that these particular cities may suit anyone who wants to live, work and chill.

6 Cheap Cities Where It's Great to be a Freelance Writer

You could have already noticed that the freelance market grows and the number of people switching to freelancing is rising every day. There is a strong feeling that more and more people considers it very inconvenient to work from the office space.

While it’s great to collaborate in the office with your colleagues, to do that you still need to commute every day to the office. Considering the fact that the pace of our life is constantly growing, we learn to value our time more and more. However, you need to understand that there are two different opinions about freelance, but both of them are not entirely true.

  1. People believe that freelance will give them a ton of free time. They dream of the hassle-free life somewhere on the exotic island, doing a few tasks a day.
  2. Some of them think that freelancing is a very shaky business and you can only count on it on a short-term basis.

Both of these opinions are wrong. To be a good freelance writer you have to work hard and constantly improve your skills. The market is hot and thousands of professionals are doing their best to work from home and have a decent life out there. While they do, HR managers embrace their freelancers to understand the importance of hard work in their success. For example, the human resource manager from Rentberry says that in order to help their freelancers work more efficient, they use blockchain technology to manage their work and schedule payments through smart contracts.

First and foremost you need to understand that while working from home can cut your commute expenses, it will still hurt your budget. You’ll pay for the utilities more; you’ll eat at home more, etc. Now think for a moment for a perfect working space, do you see yourself in a beautiful and tidy room with a minimalist interior? To have this kind of a place, you’ll need to waste some money on rent.

So what will be the best option for a freelance writer? Find yourself a cozy neighborhood that combines the best rental prices and cost of living offering its residents live and prosper there. To make sure you’re on the right path, we’ve chosen six cities that you’ll enjoy living in, let’s see the list and roll with the first one.

Fort Wayne, IN

Average Rent Price: $535

Northeast Indiana opens its doors for anyone who wants to live without the need of spending too much on the rent. The average rental price here is around $535 and we’re not sure if you really understand how low it is. This is like 3-4 times lower than the rates in New York and other hip cities. Even though it’s not New York, you’ll still find diversity here. The residents of Fort Wayne are very friendly, seeing here someone who struggles with finding a job or a place to rent is a very rare thing. Being a freelancer in such an affordable home is awesome, but being a writer is even better. Since this place has tons of activities, restaurants and fun festivals, you’ll always find inspiration for your next piece of writing, a story or a novel.

South Bend, IN

Average Rent Price: $715

South bend has been named as the most affordable city numerous of time; it’s well-known to be a place where you can save money and get rich. Young professionals come here and stay to work, live a happy life and enjoy the affordability of this location.

Since the median rent here will be around $715, you can see how easy it will be for a successful freelance writer to find a dream home and pay for it a truly reasonable price.

You may wonder why South Bend is so good and location will be the answer. The cities like Chicago and Indianapolis are only in a short drive away on your car. In case you decide to enjoy the noise of a big city and waste the money you saved in South Bend, these two prominent locations are waiting to entertain you!

Shreveport, LA

Average Rent Price: $578

Being one of the largest cities if Louisiana, this place is excellent for freelance business and remote work. 

The CNN Money noticed this city as one of the most fast-growing areas in the state, saying that this place pairs a stable economic and educational performance with the desired affordability that all the freelancers look for.

P.S. The sister city is called Bossier and it’s nearly the same good as Shreveport, so you might consider it as well.

Knoxville, TN

Average Rent Price: $589

Knoxville welcomes those who work from home with their amazing rent prices. Paying almost than a half of the country average is a good proof. As we’ve already said, staying motivated and inspired is a very important part of the freelance writer’s life. Basically, to make sure you don’t have a writing block, you’ll need to grab more emotions and impressions daily. Knoxville offers lots of outdoor activities like going to the lakes, rivers and mountains, boating and skiing.

Living in Knoxville is a cheap, yet very bright experience. Freelancers tend to stay at home for a few days tackling some hard tasks, but if you live in Knoxville, it’s a crime not to go outside and attend some kind of outdoor activity.

Toledo, OH

Average Rent Price: $674

Being known as a center of glass-industry production, Toledo is the city that deserves a second look from freelancers and millennials of all kinds.

It’s closely located to Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus. This will be your usual way to entertain yourself at different concerts and festivals.

The downtown currently hosts more than 60 different restaurants and other entertaining units. You may also find it amusing what a great park system the city of Toledo has.

Brownsville, TX

Average Rent Price: $691

If you’re looking for a small city where community cares about each other, Brownsville will be your best bet. The city is very safe which makes it great, in case you plan to move there with your family, you’ll be happy there. It’s awesome to feel safe while performing your daily activities or having a walk with your kid.

As a freelance writer, you probably don’t have time to worry about the affordability of your life, Brownsville offers rentals for around $690, just pick the one, move in and start working remotely.

The cultural vibe and diversity of Brownsville is surprising and makes your life here inspiring.


As a freelancer working remotely, you need to find yourself a city where the affordability of the rental market will suit you. There are lots of locations in the US that allow you to save some money on renting and your day-to-day life. We highlighted the ones that are mostly diverse, culturally rich and small. The median rent price in this article is around $550 and it’s a huge win for anyone who wants to rent smartly and save money to buy an own place someday.

As a writer, you need new emotions and impressions. The best way to avoid any kind of creative block, you need a neighborhood that you’ll love and enjoy living in. We strongly believe that these particular cities may suit anyone who wants to live, work and chill.