Security Token Offering Services

On 23 Jan., 2019

Hire the best security token offering development company to avail professional assistance and save a great deal of time.

Security Token Offering Services

Security Token Offering Service for  Phenomenal Business Venture

 Active investors always have a keen eye for new trends in investment and innovative projects to make profits out of the same. As far as the crypto space is concerned, fresh trends keep coming up from time to time. For instance the initial coin offering (ICO) was the top choice of the investors for a while. However, security token offering (STO) is the talk of the town at present. This is because STO has more benefits in store for the investors than ICO. As there is a good reach for STO among the investors, many projects switch over to STO base.

SHAMLA TECH provides end to end security token offering service to start up projects. Our team of developers readily put in their fullest expertise to fetch incredible results.

Necessity of security token offering

Security token offering mends all the possible setbacks of ICO. ICO advocates the use of utility tokens that shall only give access to certain products and services. On the contrary, the security token gives the investor the status of a share holder of the corresponding company. Being so, a security token holder takes the right to vote when the company steps forward to make an official decision.

Each security token holds an individual value. To hold a security token, the investor has to digitalize his property amounting to the value of the token. Digitalizing the asset (either partially or completely) gives more security to it than it is in the solid physical form.

Unlike the conventional utility tokens, the holder of a security token has the right to shift the custody of the token to another individual at any point of time. The only condition here is that the individual who is taking charge of the token has to be able to provide for the token in the days to come.

Taking security token offering service

For any entrepreneur making plans on STO development, it is the best to hire security token offering service. With professional assistance, the work pressure goes down as the developers take the project from there.

SHAMLA TECH as a security token offering company extends multiple plans for STO development at attractive prices. With the experience and field expertise of our enthusiastic developers, we work for the better tomorrows of our clients.

Security Token Offering Services