Music services by Hashini Herath

On 30 Jun., 2019

About the services offered by Hashini Herath.

Music services by Hashini Herath

I'm Hashini Herath and I am a music composer, pianist, organist, singer and a student in physical sciences from Sri Lanka. I'm 18 years old. I have released about 10 compositions to You tube recorded in my own house and all played by me on my electric organ.

I've been playing the piano and the organ for about 8 years now and I have done graded exams in piano both written and practical. Also I've won the first place in piano solo graded examinations in music Festival 2017 which is Sri Lanka Festival of Music dance and Speech.

I provide you with the best music I compose and I also listen to your opinions, criticism to make the perfect music that you always needed. I compose my music first, play solo demo on my electric organ and ask you whether you like it or not, then I write the music down for the orchestra and provide you with both the music and music score so that players who cannot read notes can play by ear,and the others can play either by ear or reading the notation. Once you are happy with the music you can buy it.

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Music services by Hashini Herath