3 basic types of packaging in Adelaide

On 12 Nov., 2019

The reliability and durability of custom packaging there are many good manufacturing companies in Adelaide that provide commendable custom packages.These packages design will surely inspire you.

3 basic types of packaging in Adelaide

The use and demand for Adelaide bag and packaging has been increasing with each passing day because the attractive designs of the packages are the most important element to attract eye balls. The packaging design can take your brands sales to new heights or can further drop your sales. All you need to do is to concentrate on the right kind of packaging suitable for your brand. With the help of packaging the product inside remains secure and safe. In Adelaide business companies are highly interested in custom packaging. Because of the reliability and durability of custom packaging there are many good manufacturing companies in Adelaide that provide commendable custom packages.


There are three basic types of packaging.

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Boxboard or Paperboard cartons
  • Cardboard boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes packaging Australia are utilized for carrying heavy products like appliances, electronics and fruits and vegetables. They are mostly used in shipping items in bulk. Similar product in boxes is shipped in large numbers through corrugated boxes. The box is made up of multiple layers of paper fiber which helps the box to carry heavy materials making it a steady and strong packaging. The box has a top and bottom layer that makes the upper area strong and there is a middle layer that is covered by 2 layers of paper fiber. All these strong layers together give the package a strong built. The packaging box has a rippled layer located in the middle portion which helps to carry the heavy products firmly.



This packaging is very light weight and is mostly used to carry lighter products such as cereals, biscuits, toys and many more such things. The box is not very strong and it doesn’t have a middle sturdy layer to make it durable and sturdy. When we are looking for a packaging we weight all the possible negatives and positives of it. You definitely need a  custom packaging design for your items that can get stacked and packed and still are able to protect the item inside while shipping. The packages are carried and placed at different places. Vendors and employees carry the boxes and put them in shelves and then later customers also check the item out in a mall or grocery store. The packaging needs to be strong enough in order to withstand all this abuse. And boxboard packaging does that perfectly for you.

In case of a tea box of a cookie box the package further has to handle unlimited opening and closing. The packaging is expected to look as good as it was initially. If the package is crushed or broken the item inside go waste and no customer is interested to buy it. So the paperboard thickness of the box is really important and you should consider purchasing the right box for your brand.


Cardboard boxes

Cardboards are a perfect kind of packaging to satisfy your packaging needs. The cardboard boxes are used for shipping items and packing items in a most secure way. There are available in different shapes and sizes. Cardboard boxes are a basic need of any business organization and the business sales heavily depend on the packaging. Custom cardboard boxes are delivered to your in 7 to 10 wording days after your order. The packaging suppliers of cardboards in Adelaide know how important a packaging box is so they make sure that your cardboard boxes are made with special care. You don’t have to purchase a box before trying it out. You can get a free sample for testing and when you are sure that this packaging is perfect for your brand only then you can proceed ahead. And the best part is that the samples are free of cost.



Just like every other part of the world big and small business owners are inclined towards packing their products in attractive and eye catching packages. A good packaging protects the item inside from damage and also enhances the value of the item inside. Many customers will form a judgment about a product by its packaging before even buying it. So the packaging of the product needs to be alluring and attractive in order to catch customers attention.