Significant Considerations for Entrepreneurs before Social Media App Development

On 19 Feb., 2020

Social media apps have dominated the app market in a big way and the entrepreneurs should take best advantage of this platform by developing social app for their business.

Significant Considerations for Entrepreneurs before Social Media App Development

Today almost everyone uses social apps, in this era of the internet. So, do you know how many social media users exist today? In the U.S. alone, there were about 243.6 million users in the year 2018 and there will be approximately 257.4 million users till the year 2023, as per a report generated by Statista, a well-known online search portal for statistics.

These exponentially growing statistics have provoked entrepreneurs all over the world to invest in social media app development. These apps dominate the app usage because they are a great source of good-quality online content and they harness the desire for social validation of the people. Social apps are being used more than gaming or messaging apps. Due to all such reasons, these apps have become a top target for entrepreneurs.

In this article, we will have a look at what the entrepreneurs need to know before they begin with the app development.

Things entrepreneurs need to know about social media app development

Why to go for social media app development?
Today, social media acts as the major medium of communication and so, a large number of people use it all over the world. One single social media app that is attractive, engaging, custom-built and properly branded can make the entrepreneurs touch the sky in a short time. Many entrepreneurs have entered the list of wealthiest persons by investing in a social app. So, investing in these apps can be a smart decision and can ensure a handsome market share.

How should the social app strategy be planned?
Here are a few tested and proven steps for planning a good strategy for social media app development.

  1. Figure out the pain area or the idea behind your social app
  2. Define a purpose about how you want to help your audience target that pain area through your app.
  3. Define your audience and identify their preferences, likes, dislikes, etc.
  4. Build the MVP version of the app and release it to the limited users to know its scope. 
  5. Collect feedback from users and work to develop the better version of the app step-by-step instead of all in one go.
  6. Make your social app much richer in terms of user experience.

What are the significant elements of a social app?
For developing an outstanding social app, it is necessary to use the following elements or features in the app. These are mentioned below:

  • Profile creation/ customization
  • Clear icons
  • Newsfeed
  • Push notifications
  • Audio/Visual/Video sharing
  • Text Messaging
  • Ease of connectivity with contacts from different regions
  • Liking, sharing, commenting features
  • High security and privacy of user information
  • Exit button

Along with these basic features, there are a few other optional elements that will make the app more useful and alluring, as mentioned below:

  • E-commerce payments
  • Adding links to other websites
  • Geo-location integration

Why should there be a social media app for iOS?
There are two major benefits of developing a social app for the iOS platform.

  1. iOS has the second largest number of users after Android. So, there will be a good number of users available if the app is on iOS platform.
  2. iOS has a better conversion rate as compared to Android

So, it is commercially a viable choice to go for social media app for iOS.

How to do marketing of the app?
After developing the app, it is of utmost importance to market the app. First and foremost, the app should be meaningful and useful to the users. Then, integrate the QR code to the business website, emails, business cards, etc. Then plan for advertising on social media, go blogging about the app on top blogging sites and mobile advertising. Social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also be used for monetization purpose. Finally, analyse the most effective marketing strategy and work on the one through which you can gain the best results. 

Social apps were introduced as a medium to express us and connect with friends, but today they have evolved to be a huge platform for the individual as well as business growth. Having a social app helps to target and attract the audience, gain a loyal customer base, ensure brand awareness, and much more. As a result, entrepreneurs are attracted to developing these apps. The above mentioned steps will help entrepreneurs to build a top-quality social app.

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