Angular Vs VueJs: Which One You Should Pick For Creating Splendid App Solution 

On 20 Apr., 2021

Angular Vs VueJs is hot topic among enterprises to choose for creating a splendid app user experience as they cater incredible features and tools sets. Moreover, enable speed fast development by offering higher scalability.

Angular Vs VueJs: Which One You Should Pick For Creating Splendid App Solution 

Angular Vs. Vue is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. If you are striving to leverage these technologies in web application development. Surely, for you, it might be hard to decide which one to use for creating an incredible application UX. 

Thus, we would take an in-depth glance into Angular Vs. VueJs and understand which technology is best for creating web applications. 

Usage Growth : 

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Angular Vs. Vue - Use Cases

Angular and Vue have contributed greatly to the development of web applications. Both frameworks have recognized companies that use them and are built using multiple applications.

To protect the point and gain confidence to choose any framework, you will need to examine the reputable ones as well as the startups who use these outlines. You get a clearer view when you know why they think they are specifically using Vue or hire an Angular developement company in related situations.

Let’s take a glance at the use cases of both technologies. 

Angular use case

  • Youtube

Angular made it to have a seamless user interface, despite having great web traffic, a non-consumable graphical user interface, and on every screen. These large-scale applications use angular usage and live video streaming cases for complex issues.

  •  Mixer

The mixer is a video streaming platform that offers live streaming—a simple example of streaming video services with an ultra-rich user interface built with a mixer rectangle developed using Angular. 

Vue Use Cases

An app is easy to build with tools of to Vue and using its guide, unlike Angular, which requires knowledge of JavaScript and development experience. It is possible for many big names to use this framework due to a small learning curve and flexibility to build and run applications.

  • Gitlab - DevOps Life Cycle Tool

With Vue, developers can now perform various operations in one line of code in GitLab. However, Earlier, it was difficult to manage 30 lines of code with jQuery for a single operation.

  • Grammarly

It is an application based on grammar-enabled AI effective in writing English. Grammar’s rich user experience is an example of how a classic user interface can be created using Vue. 

Let’s take a glance at major aspect of comparison: 

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A number of startups and developers choose Vue over other tools and frameworks because it offers incredible flexibility. Indeed, it is easily integrated with a number of existing libraries and tools. 

Handling too many modules is a common problem, and this framework is convenient to operate in removing and adding modules, allows DOM operations management, and provides effortless code reviews.

VueJs is coveted to satisfy all the requirements of large-scale complex application development and provides the basic functionality of Angular with ease. Besides, it is a great combination to integrate/use with a web pack in the form of a modular front-end solution.

Altogether, if you want to solve short-term problems and integrate great functionality, the web solution should be quick and scalable. Ultimately, Vue is a quick and fruitful framework for business side benefits by fixing the smoothest user experience. 

Lets’ take a glance at some aspects of comparison between VueJs and Angular to understand which is best to choose for development. 

Angular Vs. Vue JS: Combination With Backend Technology

Frontend and backend are major categories of Web applications on which each application thrives. And! you would always have to make a choice between marginal and backend frameworks. It is critical to make important decisions and find which pair of frameworks is best.

Mostly, developers make decisions by considering their familiarity with frameworks. However, seeing technical aspects and requirement is most critical. Look at my opinion based on framework experience and technical compatibility for Vue and Angular. 

Angular - Angular excels at enables you to leverage built-in functionality. It is up to you which backend framework you want to choose for stable scalability and speed. However, it is flexible with several backends. Moreover, you need to choose according to the future needs of your solution. 


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You can combine Angular with Node.js to acquire an incredible solution, as it offers a backend service that streamlines with JavaScript on both the server and client-side. Moreover, this backend framework makes development easier, like Python, when it comes to using statistics and analytics data based on the requirement. 

Vue - VueJS specializes in developing elegant user interfaces and provide clean and sensible coding architecture. It simply means that you would need a backend framework with a sensible coding architecture that can enable a sophisticated user experience and ecosystem.

The use of Laravel with Vue is popular and admired, especially when creating an elegant system. Laravel complements Vue with its powerful concept of Object-oriented and MVC architecture. With a strong shared community to hire Vue.js developers and angular developers, these frameworks are well documented and detailed. 

Angular Vs. Vue js: Performance 

App performance greatly determines the return on investment. Most of the audience engagement rather relies on the app performance or the number of features provided. Thus, when it comes to performance, JavaScript frameworks requires to be scrutinized. 


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Angular – Angular enables you to leverage its change detection mechanism, ahead-of-time compilation, and many other features to decrease the number of times DOM manipulates and pre-compiles HTML code. Moreover, app components are also reduced before downloads and use them. It offers access to an advanced mechanism for optimizing performance.

 It can be the reason behind the gained popularity of the Javascript framework for developing high-performing apps.

Vue– Vue contains a virtual DOM mechanism that sorts default performance-optimized configuration. It also reduces the runtime and initial load time drastically and boosts the application performance spectacularly. Altogether, virtual DOM offers a more efficient way to update the view. 

So, when application data changes each time, virtual DOM renders the user interface in the actual document object model, which provides faster and more performance. JavaScript frameworks support all modern browsers and versions. 

Angular Vs Vue: Speed Of Development 

Angular - The pace of development varies depending on the adaptability and flexibility of the design. It also depends on the developer’s possession of the respective framework. Google maintains angularity, so Google’s core angular team is responsible for developing the native framework, which is a mature framework that can handle and take care of the pace of development.

This enables developers to understand easier and work with the ecosystem. The ecosystem of the framework is huge, so is its community, which makes complex problems easily addressed, and the framework provides most of what is built. So, definitely, it is an addition to the speed of development of angular applications.

Vue - Contrary to that, Vue is maintained by the open-source community, but its ability to solve critical problems in building user interfaces is unreliable. Thank you for your rich source of ready-to-use plugins that specifically help with web development.

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In addition, the Vue ecosystem is composed of Vuex, Vue Router, and Vue CLI, which respond to most of the problems faced by the developers. Vue’s rich ecosystem makes the framework extremely effective in increasing the pace of development.

Angular Vs. Vue: Future Aspect 

Angular is continuously evolving, and a number of constant updates and releasing additional functionalities provide this framework the potential to speed up the development and offer an effortless development environment. 

Angular is already providing splendid web application development by enabling the IVY compiler to full-fledged form. However, it seems pretty old as compared to VueJs. However, it is not leaving any stone unturned. And! enabling developers to create extensive built-in functionalities and community support. 

While Vue is technically an incredible framework to create problem-solving and splendid user interfaces, It is not as much popular as Angular. However, its future can’t be defined in this term as it has a robust system with a sough syntax. 

Per a survey, developers who leveraged Vue would like to use it again. Over time, its usage has grown. 

Take Away 

Businesses and startups have to deliver the best application experience to their end audience. Thus, picking up the right front-end development tool defines the success of your application. Therefore, you have to pick the best front-end development framework from Angular and VueJs. 

Both frameworks have their own set of perks and cons.  And! It completely depends on your need and the features you want to integrate into your app. If you hire VueJs developers then it is very simple to secure an exquisite & opulent-looking application or with Angular developers, you can secure a highly compatible solution. So, pick wisely.