Is SEO a good career option?

On 22 Apr., 2021

This article is focused on SEO whether it is a good career option in 2021 or not?

Is SEO a good career option?

SEO essentially stands for search engine optimization.It is the process of boosting your online content in order that  search engine shows your content as a top result when a certain keyword is searched.

In simple terms, it is the improvisation of your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. Better the visibility of your pages in search results, more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

Nowadays most of the marketers are shifting towards digital marketing. Reasons being digital marketing is less expensive, includes a larger audience reach, has a higher rate of investment(ROI) as compared to traditional marketing. The higher than blessings are the explanation  behind the dynamic shift from traditional to digital marketing.

Thousands of jobs are opening in the field of digital marketing. For these jobs SEO training becomes a necessity as it is an integral part of digital marketing. To stand out in the competition for your business’s success, SEO is a must.So as the scope for digital marketing is increasing, proportionate will be the increase in scope for SEO.

The future in SEO seems to be very bright. It is a wide field and puts forward different kinds of opportunities to make a career. International certification from google and microsoft for digital marketing(SEO is a part of digital marketing) are provided, this clearly suggests the demand and growth in this field. As per research, digital marketing areas namely SEO,social media and analytics will create more than 1.5 lakh job opportunities with a high salary package.

A SEO expert can start his own work or he can hold down a job under a digital marketing agency. The salary undoubtedly rises with the rise in knowledge and experience.

For a successful career in SEO you need two things-

First, get as much knowledge as you can,supplement your training with a lot of self learning such as reading books, magazines, watching Youtube videos.

Second, SEO is purely practical-based. Implement whatever you learn. Make blogs, try to do SEO for your friend’s website, free of cost, to start with. Also stay updated as the technology is dynamic and keeps evolving, new technologies have been discovered which are making the old technology obsolete.

Here are few of the best careers in SEO 

  • SEO executive
  • Link builder

  • SEO analyst

  • SEO content writer

  • SEO manager

The career opportunities in the SEO industry are endless. SEO skills are extremely valuable because 

  • Its challenging to master SEO skills
  • Every business can be benefited from SEO skills

The flourishing prevalence of the E-commerce industry in India, is directly proportionate to the popularity of internet marketing. For businesses to boost their online existence,it is necessary to have a good ranking in search engine result pages(SERPs). A SEO expert can easily uplift your rankings. Therefore, the growing digital industry has raised the demand for SEO experts.

To build a career you must begin with the training.  As per my experience I can suggest you Webit Makers. It is  one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Noida, Lucknow who provides online digital marketing classes. They are focused more on providing practical knowledge rather than on theoretical. If you are looking for training you can try by consulting them and taking a free demo class.