SBI Education loan

On 25 Nov., 2021

An overview of education loan from sbi

SBI Education loan

SBI Education Loan is the first option for every Indian student! Securing your finances is the foundation on which your dream rests. Student Loans are a popular option for students planning to study abroad. An SBI Education loan is the go- to for most students because of its low interest rate, easy repayment options, moratorium period, income tax benefits, interest rate concession for female students and many other benefits.


SBI Education Loan Interest Rate 2021

The SBI Education Loan Interest Rate is 10.7% for male students and 10.2% for female students. However, 99% of the students opt for SBI’s Rinn Raksha Insurance because of which they are eligible for an automatic reduction of 0.5% in their interest rate. Their SBI Education Loan interest rate at the end of the day is 9.7% for female students and 10.2% for male students.


What’s the SBI Education Loan process?


The WeMakeScholars team has simplified the entire SBI Education Loan Process as much as possible.

Step 1: Fill the online application form.

Step 2: Collect all your SBI education loan documents and submit to the best branch in your region (ask our financial officers about the best branches in your region to process SBI Education Loans).

Step 3: The reports are collected by the branch and forwarded to the processing centre. Mind you! At this point, the student cannot track the status of his SBI education loan application anymore. It passes through many different SBI personnel at many different levels.

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