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Top Tips For Efficient iOS Application Development

By: Nishant
iOS applications can easily aid merchants in making their products and services easily accessible to the merchants. So follow the mentioned above steps today for creating an efficient iOS app today to achieve higher profits and sales.

PlayWorthy: Thoughts with the expectation of complimentary fun outside

By: Freelance
Here are a few thoughts for getting a charge out of (and helping!) nature without voyaging exceptionally far.

Why mobile app is important for your business ?

A mobile app allows a business to directly communicate with its customer. In-app purchases, ads, and promotions have a greater impact on the customer as compared to roadside banners, social media ads, and email marketing.

Swift 5: Build A Game-Changing iOS App For Business

Swift 5 is set to change the game of iOS app development in three core areas elaborated above, i.e., library evolution, ABI, and module stability.

Appus Studio Referral Programs

Appus, an app development company offering two types of partnership: referral cooperation and mediator cooperation.

Fixing Up your Cracked Smartphone Screen with the Help of Professional Phone Repair Company

Mobile phones and tablet PCs have become necessities to your daily routine. And having said that, you can imagine how your day can come to a standstill the minute you realize that there's something wrong with your smartphone or tablet

Why iOS platforms are beneficial for Startups

This article describes why startups should choose iOS platfrom to build apps & numerous ways it is beneficial for them let's have a look.


Email and social media hacking (twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat) Hacking into school networks and for grade changes Access to bank information, records clearing and general PI services Western union and money gram trades and Bitcoin trading

Apple Technical Support Number 1-877-779-1077

Our organized guaranteed Apple Customer Support Experts are 24*7 advantages on gave the toll-free number 1-877-779-1077, for offering you change the strategy against every conceivable specific demand.

8 Best Business Phone Apps of 2018-19 For Rich Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

Looking for the best business apps? This post provides you the 8 Best Business Phone Apps of 2018-19 For Rich Entrepreneurs and Businessmen Owners.

iKantam (Belarus) mobile, web application development is looking for outsource projects

By: iKantam
iKantam is a full service mobile, web application outsource development company with main headquarters in Minsk, Belarus ( Europe) having subsidiary offices in USA and Sweden is looking for projects in Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce PHP: Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Magento NodeJS ReactJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, MeteorJS, BabelJS Kotlin, Swift, iOS, Android, React Mobile/ web UI/...

Data Accessibility from the UCMDB Browser: How IT Benefits in a Variety of Use Cases

By: AppNiv
In this complex world we work in, every role or persona in technology uses a variety of applications for their day-to-day job to address different data problems or analysis. In this context, data makes the IT world go round and round for the business.

Use case: Muscle and Motion Strength Training and Emyoli

The M&M Success Story

Tips to maximize your push notifications

Handling correctly your push notifications may preserve a loyal audience and may grow your app exposure. Research have found that although a lot of people block push notifications from their Apps, still there are many who keeps them and those are likely to use the app which sent the notifications and even stay in it longer than others (at least by 2-3 times more). So obviously it is importan...

App development with a small budget

By: Moblrs
want to develop an app but have small budget ? read this!

Developing using cross-platform tools

By: Moblrs
Hybrid app VS Native app

App owners must not micro manage software engineers!

By: AppNiv
As the app owner you need to handle so many things that are related to your business. Managing software engineers is an intensive task and time consuming that one must handle and manage with great attention - on a daily level.

Comply or die: iOS application release restrictions and their impact on developers

By: AppNiv
Apple’s been making changes in their app release protocols and developers who aren’t up to date on the move may find that it delays their product release schedule. Apple, as always, make their own rules and woe betide any that don’t comply.

Is Facebook becoming Apple?

By: AppNiv
One of the easiest things for developers to do to speed up their login authentication on their applications was to integrate with Facebook’s login process. Then all a user had to do to submit their data to your application was to click on a “Login with Facebook” button and then they were done. This was easy because Facebook basically had a little checklist for developers to fill in. If you f...


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