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Lessons Learned After 250 Documentary Photography Assignments

Recently I hit a milestone in my photographer’s career: I’ve accomplished 250 paid assignments. It took me ten years and half a million frames to get there. I thought it’s a decent reason to reflect a little bit on what has been done and what the journey feels like.

How to save your restaurants by implementing food ordering software

Restaurants closed their dine-in option due to coronavirus disease. They are continuing takeaway services and food delivery. Consumers are giving top priority for food safety.

Last mile delivery challenges in multi restaurant ordering system

Delivery challenges in last-mile affect the efficiency of multi restaurant online ordering system as well as the rider.

Why multi vendor shopping cart software is a one stop solution for online business?

Consumers activity and purchasing behavior is transformed by eCommerce websites since last decade. Shoppers purchase many types of items and digital services at one place rather than using different websites. Multi vendor shopping cart software is a one stop solution for accomplishing this goal. Multiple sellers get profits from this platform by selling their items. This software permits third ...

Customer retention strategies in multi restaurant online ordering system

Every organization wants frequent visitors to improve their business.

How multi restaurant delivery service software is beneficial for eating houses?

The workforce from the younger generation is feeling lazy to visit eating houses and prefer to give online food order taste foods in their home and office. When they are on the way to home from office in the evening, they complete their food ordering process using any one of the food delivery apps.

How to Find Jobs at Entertainment Industry

It’s an intuitive mobile app specializing in connecting entertainment professionals globally by providing a platform that connects talent recruiters and artists seamlessly. It is the leading network of the 21st century dedicated solely for the entertainment, film and TV industry. Members of the ‘eoApp’ can get unbridled access to thousands of talented individuals who can help execute entertainm...

Why delivery agent of multi vendor food ordering system frustrate during cash on delivery orders?

Multi vendor food ordering system alters eating habits of urban people in the recent years. Customers are placing their food requests in online. They are using digital payment methods include debit card, credit card, internet banking, unified payment interface, etc. If the customer is unable to use this payment facility, then they will provide cash to delivery agents. Delivery agents work based...

How do scheduled orders work in an online ordering system?

Planning is a vital function for all activities in this mobile application era. Employees have a schedule in their workplace. Millennial arrange frequent outings in the weekends. A systematic investment plan is offered by the financial service companies and people invest the money at scheduled intervals.

Order processing steps in multi restaurant online food ordering system

Order processing is a method to utilize the resources to improve the service quality of multi restaurant online food ordering system. This is a multi-stage process with several steps. Consumer's fulfillment is the key factor in the order processing.

Get help to know which box suits to your product

Choosing the box which can suit your product is a challenging task. In case you are confused, you can take expert help for the product packaging.

How does the order verification process of multi restaurant delivery software work ?

Effective order verification process in multi restaurant delivery software helps to improve the customer relationship and simplify the delivery process.

Want to Store Top Branded Perfumes in a Good Way? Learn How?

The best way to be keep top branded perfumes are in a regular box. So, you can learn how you can protect them from things so that they can be used for a longer period of time.

4 ways to not lose all your money on online casino

By: H3asia
With the advancement of technology, almost everything can be achieved online.

What others don’t know about online casino Singapore?

By: H3asia
How can you hope to win more than a million bucks at online casino Singapore.

Why Singapore 4d online betting is great for newbie’s and pros?

By: H3asia
Last year, a Singapore 4d online betting platform awarded more than 50, 000 USD to a newbie.

How to win a million dollars in Singapore live betting?

By: H3asia
Last year, two 25year-olds won more than one million dollars in the Singapore live betting circuit.

Things You Wished You Had Known Earlier: Betting As a Passive Source of Income

By: H3asia
So you have recently come across betting and seem to enjoy it.

FAQs on Online Sport Betting in Malaysia

By: H3asia
Watching sports online is one of the favourite activities for millions of sports enthusiasts across the world.

How to Live Bet on Horse Racing Malaysia?

By: H3asia
Horse racing enthusiasts are aplenty across the world.
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