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Web Development Agency Malaysia

As a leading web development agency Malaysia, we help you develop a powerful website that attracts clients and increases traffic to your website.

How to differentiate between the ITIL Master Certification and the specialist training

Xebia Academy offers itil 4 certification online training, itil specialist certification, itil specialist training, itil strategist certification, itil 4 training.

Creating new bonds and maintaining life-long friendships

Emotional isolation is worse than any physical ailment. But can be avoided thanks to online chat apps like NEEO Messenger. The video calling app helps you make crystal-clear calls to old and new friends. But friends are not meant to be treated like freshly baked cupcakes, bought and devoured on the spot. Friendships are to meant to be nurtured so they can grow stronger with every passing day. A...

Slatwall Shelves

Apex Display is Australia's leading supplier of Slatwall system including timber Slatwall shelves, hangrails, shelf brackets & more. View our range online.

What to Know When Buying Computers for Your Startup

Planning to start your own marketing agency or software company?

How to know the industries that are hiring professionals qualified from a suitable big data online c

Xebia Academy offers Big Data training. The course is a combination of the training courses in Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop testing and analytics with Apache Spark.

How To Get NOC For Installing Mobile Towers?

As the new 5g internet speed is going to be rolled out soon which needs installation of new mobile towers for better connectivity and high internet speed. Mobile tower installation can be done in residential areas as well to connect the locals with better internet speed and improved call quality.

createContext vs. createObjectContext

When you use the React ecosystem, you really do not want all the components to get re-render in any application change. So you use something like 'React.memo' to prevent a re-render of a component if there is no change in data that have relation to the component.

useState vs. useSuperState

In recent days I have uploaded a new library called hooks-for-react. It contains my collection of hooks, for public use. One of the main hooks in my collection is the useSuperState hook. It allows you other options to change the state alongside the setState operation.

New Hooks for React

collection of hooks for React.js, that take the native hooks to the next level

Power Platform connecting the dots

The three main clouds of Microsoft are Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure.

Advantages Of Employing Alphabet Phonics USA

Nowadays everything turns online due to the pandemic situation. So parents prefer online learning sites in USA to join their kids instead of classroom learning

How to realize that the AZ 900 certified training is really worth your time, effort, and money

Xebia Academy offers – a complete beginner's AZ-900 course through which you learn all the fundamentals of Azure, and get certified.



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