Web Scraping, Data Extraction, Web Crawling

On 8 Sept., 2015

I provide low cost solutions for online product catalog extractions/data-mining, search results extraction, e-mail crawling and e-mail cleaning/validation. I already had success in extracting amazon product search results, ancestry, google and linked-in.

Web Scraping, Data Extraction, Web Crawling

I am a software developer with 3 years experience developing in Microsoft's .NET framework, mainly for the web, but also Windows applications. Experience working with Oracle and Sql Server databases.

Although I am a full-time developer (see linked-in profile), I have been aspiring since the beginning of this year to become independant and open my own business, in the field of Web Scraping/Web Extraction and Crawling.

It all began when I, an assiduous user of genealogy database sites, eager to find more records/data about my ancestors, realized many many of the tasks involved in searching/cataloging the results could be automated - and thus improved/leveraged.

This year I officially started attempts to automate the process, and it eventually lead me, after being successful, in broadening my sight/thinking bigger. I developed a couple of .NET programs for Web Scraping and Crawling, mainly for search result extractions and search-term crawling.

Please contact me if you are in need of low-cost web scraping/extraction services.