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Prototyping in Software Development in Simple Words or Why Using Software Prototype Is the Way to Le

Having a new project in your mind requires proper preparation and engagement in certain processes. It is important to ensure that your development team is ready, your company has the needed resources, and everyone has a clear plan of actions. In order to build a software prototype that will help your team, it is essential to understand why prototyping is important in software development and wh...

Where Would You Rank Together With Your Social Media Marketing?

By: Zain Ali
This may lead to some sporadic, mixed messages visiting their current and future customers.

The Founding of Apple Computers

By: Lil Aster
The Founding of Apple Computers

8 Insane but True Kobelco Excavator in Dubai

By: smaguae
Kobelco has state of the art climate controlled air conditioning systems within the cabin in the latest version.

Hwo to Contact Avg Antivirus Customer Service?

Has the PC Tune-up apparatus forestalled adjusting the PC? PC Tune-up instrument is worked in apparatus in the AVG Antivirus.


For almost a decade our main user experience and interface design tool was strictly Photoshop. But not anymore. Six months ago, we made a hard decision to adopt a new software, one that's been generating a lot of buzz in the digital design world and has received a fair amount of praise through the community in general - Sketch.

a full web project life cycle

By: efrata.co
developing a new website or application? view a full project life cycle written by efrat aviv | apr 2016 web & application research market research ux wireframe, mockup, flow concept & ui design presentation & worksheet development to beta contract, qa & going onling

Early-stage paradox solved: launching a product without seed funding (or a CTO)

By: App U Go
"A core component of Lean Startup methodology is the build-measure-learn feedback loop" (theleanstartup.com) But how can you measure and learn if you can not afford to build?


Website creation can be compared with house building. Before working on the website as well as before building the house there is a set of rules that must be fixed and followed to achieve the expected result.

What is the connection between User Experience and Cognitive Psychology?

Our main goal as UX designers is to recognize our users’ patterns, whether formed as a task completion need or as part of a fun game or app, causing us pleasure. Each of those can trigger addictive mechanisms and is designed to make the user act in a certain way. Our targets should be clear from our first designing steps. Though we may consider different types of users, our product can only ...

Social VoIP Cures Service providers Churn

ITSP and VoIP service providers are fighting high user aquisition costs and churn. Could social networks assist them in reducing those costs?
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